Views from Eurobike Expo 2019


As in previous years we made the trip to Eurobike primarily to meet with suppliers and discuss new products to consider including in our designs.  As usual we took away a few new things to consider and we look forward to seeing them come to life in test samples and possibly future products.  As a first for us this year we cycled to the Expo from Zurich.  It was good to avoid the coach transfers and to use the trip to get some training in on new roads.  Being more used to riding in the UK, it was also a real eye-opener to ride the network of bike lanes.

We also took the opportunity to walk the halls,  below are a few observations:

Innovation: in the traditional parts of the road cycling market the scope for true innovation is currently proving limited.  Disc brakes: done, cables removed or hidden: done, round tubes: despatched to archives.  The industry needs to find new improvements or it could be the end of the much loved "new model saves 30 seconds over 40km" marketing. 

Similarly in the field of cycling clothing we didn't come across anything too radical.  Rest assured from our side we will keep pushing to come up with ever more innovative garments that offer you more.  

An area showing greater advances is that of indoor training bikes which are  creating an ever more realistic environment to suffer through the winter months.    

Bikes and components:  The bikes that caught our eyes were the Guerciotti Eureka Air and Anna van der Breggen's Specialized Roubaix - check them out.  It was interesting to note the frequent use of SRAM groupsets on show bikes, it looks like Shimano have some catching up to down in terms of perceived aesthetics.      

E-bikes:  there is no doubt that the industry is pushing electric bikes very hard and a significant proportion of the exhibition was dedicated to just this.  Clearly there is some natural demand in the commuting market but will there really be significant demand for high-end electric road bikes?  Only time will tell.

Whatever bike you're on, good riding!

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