What do Industry Reviewers think of our kit?

VELONEWS: “worth getting excited about.” “this jersey might just be perfect for you.” "materials & construction really make it worth your money.”

CYCLING WEEKLY: "quality detailing" "two colour options without extra cost over the non-reversible competition"

CYCLIST: "two nice colourways in one" "there are no competitors who offer two jerseys for the price of one quite like this"

Trustpilot average customer review of 4.97 / 5.0

Join INVANI Cycling Club on STRAVA

New of 2021, we're pleased to announce the launch of INVANI Cycling Club on Strava, so get involved & join up! (CLICK HERE)

It will be a club FOR YOU, so you can have your say, but the plan is for members to enjoy special offers as well as rides (virtual & in time real world)


Join us this Saturday morning at 7.30am London Time for a free pace ride in the Dolomites on the Rouvy App (2 week free trial available). Register in the Race section of Rouvy

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